Please note: Artist talk with choreographer Tina Tarpgaard and the performers after the performance on Wednesday March 29th.

A sensory and luminous performance.

"As I Collapse" has its point of origin in a collapse in the perception of the world as divided into two: Nature and culture.

In a seemingly impenetrable darkness the performance arises when millions of microscopic algae illuminates the stage as a brilliant answer to the dancer's touch. A concrete, bright image of the human footprint on the planet and a poetic encounter with life of microscopic size.

"As I Collapse" is a speculative fictional universe that stages bodies in microscopic format and in human size. In an attentive and energetic performance focus is turned to our culturally inherited understanding as being superior to other organisms. Here the boundaries are blurred between visible and invisible, between man and microbe, while the individual disappears into darkness and gets replaced by one luminous united organism

A brand new performance by one of Denmark's most critically acclaimed dance- and performance companies.

Please note: Unnumbered seats.