Please note: Free busride from Aarhus to Skjød on September 27 and 28.


You arrive in the town hall of a small village and receive a set of headphones and a booklet containing drawings of movement patterns, written dialogues and instructions. Music is playing in the headphones. “Turn to page 5,” a voice says. “Find someone with the same shoe size as yourself, and read the dialogue aloud to each other.” You read the booklet with your partner and then you start to run, spin around and laugh … In the evening the hall is filled with movement, with the motions that developed over the course of the afternoon’s collaborations. This is Dance Your Neighbour.

Inspired by the ancient theatre’s role as a public meeting space, "Dance Your Neighbour" aims to create spaces for artistic encounters. In 2017, the international artist group hello!earth will visit the small village of Skjød in Favrskov municipality and work with local participants to develop material for a final performance where the audience will dance their neighbours’ lives, memories and dreams.


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