Danish premiere!

HUMAN IN BALANCE – a physical debate

Dancers and citizens from Aarhus and Pafos meet at the 500 kg heavy balancing board “The Turmoil” - to examine man as an individual and as a Citizen in Europe in the physical debate on the 500 kilo balance board 'The Turmoil'.

As European Capitals of Culture in 2017 Aarhus and Pafos, on the surface, represents the extremes in a Europe, facing a series of profound complex problems. The political standpoints are many and attitudes divided, and in the heated discussion focus is slowly moving away from the most central part – human.

In a physical debate centered round the half-ton heavy, rotating balancing board, we wish to create a space, where there is room for listening and understanding one another. How does the everyday life look like for an ordinary Cypriot citizen of Pafos, and does it have anything in common with everyday life in Aarhus?

The choreography is created and challenged during the performance – by the audience! Placed around the enormous balance-board the audience gets close to both the stage and the dancers, with the opportunity to take part and make their own mark on the performance.

A part of European Capital of Culture 2017
Presented in co-operation with Dance House Lemesos from Cyprus and Bora Bora - Dance and Visuel Theatre