Please note:
Opening hours are 11.00-16.00.
Tickets are only being sold at the door - 30 DKK.
Suitable for approx. 6 years or older.

Nordic nature impressions translated in to textile and movement.

Inspired by Arctic natural phenomena and nature experiences in the area around the fishing village of Skagaströnd in Northern Iceland, textile artist Anna Rosa Hiort-Lorenzen and choreographer Kasper Daugaard Poulsen collected and translated a number of impressions and motifs to a "staging of textiles" of the magical natural scenery.

It is the fascinating and breathtaking phenomena of the pulsating northern lights, mountains of the horizon and creaking glaciers, lava, myriads of slow-growing moss and the changeable ocean which is interpreted in colored fabrics, patterns, sound and phosphorescent pigment. With separate soundtracks and changing wind and lighting conditions, the frame is set for an amazing and fascinating magical journey through the exhibition.

The exhibition consists of six works. This natural element is illustrated with facts, it is put into perspective with a fiction, and it presents an interpretation of its subject, both in the light and in the dark. By adding an air flow the textiles change their character and texture in the changing light and suddenly become organic, living. The are brought to life.

Such is the nature of the works: You see them in the light and think you know them. But when the light is turned off, they transform, and only the audience's own imagination sets the limits of the interpretation of the drama unfolding before them.