Big tour of Denmark

Special offer: There is artist talk after the first performance (17:00) on Tuesday March 14th where the audience can ask the crew questions about the show.

DON GNU are back in hand-knit socks and worn-out sandals on the hunt for that dang thing called ‘self’. Here you meet the dazed and confused; the grown dude who was raised in the 1970’s as a bouncing ball between role models from Dirty Harry to Sesame Street

“M.I.S. – All Night Long” takes measure of modern man. What’s up? And how is he really doing – underneath those woolen socks and comfy sandals?

In a hard-boiled mix of jackass stunts, slapstick comedy and raw physicality three men get off the fence; Out of their comfort zone to come to grips with their inner beast, the Latino lover, the pushover, the best buddy – and all the others – in a quiet battle for a man’s right to be himself.

The performers take the stage on a backdrop of wacky film projections and live club music that comment and frame the characters’ physical endeavors – all night long!



"Deliriously daft, but astutely nuanced. (...) These dudes can really dance. (...) The visuals are great fun and the live music from Alice Carreri is another layer of sophistication."
- The Herold (UK)

"With their humor and unpretentious style, they have once again created a wonderful performance with broad appeal”

"The funniest dance performance, I have ever seen!”
- TV2 Østjylland

"”An on-stage adventure of Chaplinesque dimensions.”
- Kirsten Dahl, Teateravisen

”…who knew wollen socks could be SO sexy?”
- The Skinny Magazine (UK)


Men In Sandals - The Trilogy

“M.I.S. - All Night Long” is the final part of DON GNU's MEN IN SANDALS trilogy. DON (Jannik Elkær) and GNU (Kristoffer Louis Andrup Pedersen) first put on their work clothes and wooly socks with "MEN IN SANDALS" (2010), followed by “OUR CLOSETS OUR SHELVES” (2012), which was nominated for the Danish Reumert Prize and received the audience prize that same year. "M.I.S. – All Night Long” completes the trilogy – in the same socks and sandals that started the journey.



About Don Gnu - Physical Theatre and Film

Don Gnu - Physical Theatre and Film is an artistic collaboration that focuses on dance and physical theater. Their style is entertaining, direct, expressive and very physical. The artistic duo made up of choreographers Jannik Elkaer and Kristoffer Louis Andrup Pedersen.

The company has previously created the performances "As A Start" and the trilogy "Men in Sandals", "Woman Know Your Wardrobe" and "M.I.S. - All Night Long". "Woman Know Your Wardrobe" was nominated for a Reumert Award and received Aarhus' audience award for performing arts. Furthermore Don Gnu has created "N.A.R.G. - North Arena Rumble Game", which was chosen as one of the AerowavesTwenty - twenty new performances from promising new dance companies selected by over 50 dance theatres from all of Europe. Several of the company's performances have toured Denmark as well as Europe and the rest of the world.

In 2016 Don Gnu created the performance "A Snowball's Chance In Hell".

Company's name, Don Gnu, is built around the paradox; to be one and several at the same time. Don as an individual and Gnu as pack animals, describes the relationship and the dynamics of cooperation between the individual and the group. That we are accountable as an individual, but only understand and live in relation to others. The performances have a naive and direct approach, underpinned by a recurrent reflection and deep human empathy.

Don*Gnu are resident artists at Bora Bora.