Our common history comes alive in the new work by dance solo master Anders Christiansen. About the past as an underlying energy that rumbles beneath the surface. Can history be felt if you really look for it?

He puts his ear down to the ground.
He can hear the sigh of generations from the deep.
He can hear the armies trampling across the fields of Europe.
He hears whispers of magnificent kings and scorched earth.

With scenographic soil installation by Lise Klitten and new music composed by Jørgen Teller.



Choreographer and dancers Carmen Aros and Sonia Uribe helped start Generación Del Ayer (the generation of yesterday) in 1996 to prove that dancers over 50 (now 70!) still had much to give to the art form. Various prices and critical acclaim for them in their home country Chile speaks for itself.

FACES AND TRACES (Rostros y Rastros) consists of three parts:
"Stalking Characters" (Seres Al Acecho, 11 min.) is a choreography created along with the visual artist Francisco Ríos, who works with natural fibers and has created the mythological creature Parakas.
"What The Water Gave Me" (Lo Que Me Dio El Agua, 9 min.) is a tribute to Frida Kahlo's life and work and is inspired by her painting "The Two Fridas".
"Women of Yesterday and Tomorrow" (Mujeres De Ayer De Mañana, 24 min.) is a choreography about the origin of the relationship between Mother Earth, the birthing woman and robot business woman.

The different choreographies use music from various Chilean composers, as well as Johannes Brahms.

With the double feature MULD and FACES AND TRACES Bora Bora focuses on the past and or history through modern dance - and the dancers' and choreographers' long experience as a source of contemplation and thoughtful tranquility of dance as a performing art form.

About Anders Christiansen

Anders Christiansen has created a series of striking dance performances over the last 20 years and is regarded as one of a kind on the Danish dance and performance scene. His strong expression lies somewhere between contemporary dance, performance theater and installation art.
He has always followed his own path, and he has created many groundbreaking solo performances and several ensemble works. Among Anders Christiansen's works include the breakthrough performance "DRY - the ultimate rain dance" (1996), the solo piece "Sticks and Fur" (2003) and "H2O" (2009). Most recently, he choreographed for the Canadian dance project ”Straight right ou l’art d’être Nulle part Ailleurs”, which premiered in Montreal in 2012.

Anders Christiansen's website

About Generación del Ayer

Generación del Ayer is an independent Chilean dance company - today consisting of the choreographers and dancers Carmen Aros and Sonia Uribe, who co-founded the group, and Mabel Diana and Nicolás Fuentes. Originally the group started with dancers who were all over 50 years and had different backgrounds from countries such as France, Czech Republic, Peru, Mexico and Chile. They decided together to prove that they still had a lot to say, which they wanted to express on the dance scene.
Since the group started in 1996 it has five times been awarded FONDART support from CNCA (Consejo Nacional de la Cultura y las Artes - The National Council for Culture and Arts). In 2010 Carmen Aros received the Altazor Prize for dance and Sonia Uribe the same prize in 2012. In 2011, they both received the Altazor Award for Choreography for the show "Mujeres de Ayer y de Mañana".

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