If you see something, say something!

Take a seat in the mobile 'Omnibus' where two bizarre, self-promoting double agents go undercover trying to make sense of the all-embracing surveillance society - in a delicate balance between freedom, control and self-promotion.

In a jumble of PGP keys and privacy policies, Clouds and DarkNets, leaks and likes, censorship and selfie-sticks, OmniPresence zooms in on the fly on the wall.

Who’s watching who?


OmniPresence is supported by the Danish Arts Foundation, Bikubenfonden, the City of Aarhus, the City of Copenhagen, and Oda & Hans Svenningsens Fond.


Site specific performance. Will take place at a central location in Aarhus city (announced at a later date).
2 performances per day (note afternoon playing times Saturday).
6 tickets for sale for each performance (subject to change, possibly a few more).


About Kassandra Production

Kassandra Production is an international artist driven platform for contemporary performing arts in the intersection of dance, theatre, media and performance art. Kassandra Production was founded in 1998 by choreographer/director, actress and performance artist Annika B. Lewis who is also the artistic director. Kassandra Production’s work is characterized by a strong conceptual and visual outcome mixing the trivial with the philosophical. The work is signified by skewed and humorous angles, often with multiple fictional layers and the use of multimedia expressions in a border-defying and complex scenic expression. In addition to traditional theatre venues, Kassandra Production explores untraditional and site specific spaces including private apartments, caravans, old factories, fairs, media, and the Internet. Kassandra Production tours, presents performances and collaborates on projects in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Finland, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Latvia, Russia, Belgium, Greece and the U.S.