It's about the dancer. It is about you. It's about us. It's about formulating questions and searching for many answers. It's about reformulating what we already know. It's about motion and why we do what we do. It's about process. It is about different results and articulations. It's about this and that. It's about We Are Dancers.

Welcome to three changeable evenings for the senses with the interaction of movement, words, sounds and thoughts.

Over a two-year process Fanclub has collected a wide range of materials that, more or less directly, relate to the dancer as a figure. Through articulation, rewording and "re-membering", the material is used to explore different ways of perception and relation to our environment. How can the dancer inspire alternative perspectives, approaches and synergies - on and off the stage?

At Bora Bora the last of a long line of results from previous We Are Dancers events are presented. Material which through the years have gone through many varied expressions and shapes in their meeting with an audience - among other things as an auditory journey, a performance lecture, a concert, and a series of open dance workshops. In this way, Fanclub's ambition is to expand the idea of ​​the performance as a situation, as well as the performer's relation to the viewer.

Come and (re)experience the dancer as a figure, the performance as a form, as well as your own position as the audience when the Fanclub invites you to be part of their in-depth reflection, where you have the opportunity to influence the process and your own experience.