DECEMBER 12, 2017

Bora Bora Residency Centre launches the first open call to submit proposals for projects to be researched and/or developed in season 2018-19 (August 2018 to June 2019).

Residencies are open to professional dance artists or dance ensembles or stage directors with a strong choreographic idea and in this pioneer season there will be 3 residencies available. In the following seasons there will be at least 6 residencies per season.

Bora Bora Residency Centre provides:
– Economically sustainable set up with fees for an artistic team of max four people for a period of two to three weeks.
– Transport covered
– Professional working conditions with our Danish partner venues and folk high schools who have joined forces at Bora Bora Residency Centre. Read more about our partners here.
– Possible cooperation with the inhouse dramaturgs at Bora Bora, selected artistic mentors and external partners with in the field of new technology, education, research and outreach


Deadline is 4 February 2018


For questions please write us at

Download the open call notice here.

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Danish co-hosts

  Vestjyllands Højskole – Velling

The Danish folk high schools offer non-formal adult education with room for 70 students on  a typical stay of  3 to 8 months. The students are from all over the world, but mostly Danish. Our main subjects are dancing, music, singing, ceramics, painting, theatre, sustainable lifestyle, cooking, writing (author) and outdoor. Vestjyllands Højskole is the green folk high school of Denmark. Our meals are 90-100% organic, our wind turbine supplies the school with CO2-neutral energy, our solar- and geothermal system keep us warm.

  Musik og teaterhøjskolen – Toftlund

Musik og Teaterhøjskolen is a Danish folk high school located in Toftlund, Denmark. Toftlund lies in the center of the region of Denmark known as Sønderjylland (South Jutland). We specialize in music, singing, audio engineering, electronic music, theatre, contemporary dance, and contemporary circus. Since opening in 1984, the school has raised its profile to a high professional level within rhythmic music and theatre.

  Nørgaards Højskole – Bjerringbro

Nørgaard High School is the high school with major subjects in photo, rhythmic music, electronic music, film plays, dance, culture, art, adventure sports and outdoor. Nørgaard High School offers stays from 18 to up to 39 weeks, and offers city trips to Berlin and New York on all stays. The high school has great facilities both inside and outside, a very wide range of courses and not least a young and dedicated teacher team.

  Testrup Højskole – Mårslet

Testrup Højskole combines highly qualified professional education with the atmosphere of homeliness that characterizes the good life at a folk high school. The major subjects are the theater, art, music, philosophy and writing. At sty at a folk high school involve much more than teaching: lectures, singing, concerts, excursions, theater, sporting activities, cultural café nights, parties, common meetings – as well as the overwhelming mix of togetherness and presence that can only be described in one word: Højskole!

  Limfjordsteatret – Nykøbing Mors

Limfjordsteatret is a professionally run regional theater for the whole of Mors with financial contributions from Morsø Municipality and the state. Limfjordsteatret produces two to five performances a year for children, young people and adults who play locally and are sent on a tour at home and abroad. Limfjordsteatret has a black box and a smaller studio.  In addition, Limfjordsteatret offers theater classes for children and young people.

  Carte Blanche – Viborg

Carte Blanche is Viborg’s professional regional theater. Here poetic meetings are created between performers and audiences in all kinds of frameworks; in a library, in a park or maybe in a museum. The performances are often set up as meetings where the audience moves through a narrative or sensory tableau. They are created by artists who work to create a sensational experience for the audience who are allowed to taste, feel, listen, smell, or even ask questions in the experience.

  Team Teatret – Herning

Team Teatret is a regional theater founded in 1968. Thus, Team Teatret is the oldest existing regional theater in Denmark. Team Teatret mission is to create contemporary and debate-creating theater that challenges the audience and the theater. The hall is a black box hall with a scene area of 9.5 x 10 meters.


  Black Box Theatre – Holstebro

Black Box Dance Company builds upon the well-established talent development activities in the city of Holstebro. The Black Box Dance Company provides a highly developed final stepping stone to this process, to strengthen the entire tribe of talented young people. Black Box Dance Company started out in 2013 with 6 handpicked professional European dancers, who were at the beginning of their career, but expanded in October 2014 to 8 dancers, because it was needed for the performance “PUSH” and later “7EVEN”. For the young graduating dancers, the importance of having role models in their environment is a true inspiration.

Intersectional partners


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