World premiere on the 25th of September at Bora Bora 20.00 pm.
Inspired by real events and breaking news stories Kassandra Production/performance consultant Annika B. Lewis and her assistants have embarked on a close study of a reality where self-presentation, role playing and theatre attitude are business as usual. From media-designed politicians, to corporate branding of new products, spin doctor’s framing their messages, mainstream media chasing headlines … or the way we use social media to orchestrate our lives. If we are supposed to master the game and optimize our performance in daily life, we need to know some basic tools and methods.
COVER UP welcomes the audience to the engine room of glamour, theatre and other deceptions, where they get a rare glimpse of some of the tools you can use in order to steal the limelight on the stage of life.

COVER UP plays at Bora Bora on the 25th of September – 4th October 2012 (except from the 3rd of October). Tickets can be purchased through Billetlugen.


– Lecture by Niels Krause-Kjær on the 2th of October, 18:00 pm at Bora Bora.

On occasion of the performance “Cover up” the journalist Niels Krause-Kjær gives a talk on the subject “Politics on Speed”.  It´s about power and the media, about the eternal election campaign and about why politicians rarely think there is anything to look for, even though everyone knows that there is plenty to be examined.

Admission is free on presentation of tickets to Cover up. You can also buy tickets  exclusively to the lecture (purchase tickets here).


From the 28th of September and onwards the stage director Reynaud and choreographer Kasper Daugaard once again opens their experiment Moving Spaces – going places with sound installations in public places. This time the city´s bus stops are on the line – including Park Allé. So keep your eyes and ears open – maybe your day and travel will get another sound.

Make a SCENE – get FLIRTing!

This year’s Byens Bedste 2012 is at stake and indeed both Bora Bora and our cozy cellar-bar HeadQuarters are nominated. Therefore the two favourites merge together and encourage everyone to make a scene and get flirting. The only thing you need to do is to follow the links below and cast your vote.

So share the message about aOa´s competition and vote for Bora Bora, the city’s best scene, and Aarhus’ most fierce place to flirt, Headquarters.