June 10th-22nd the inter-nordic theatre company Talking Timber will be working at Bora Bora on their newest project ’Of All Places’ about our relation to nature and about sagas, folkore and Nordic belief and superstition.

While they are here they want to share their work with the city, meet local artists and people as part of their research leading up to the finished performance piece.

You are hereby invited to a free workshop and presentation of their work.

Wednesday Juni 11th at 14, the small stage at Bora Bora
Workshop with Talking Timber: An introduction to the group’s methods and a research into the material already collected for the performance to be developed in collaboration with the workshop participants.

Fredag d. 20. juni kl. 15
Presentation of work-in-progress: ’Of All Places’.

Reserve your workshop participation or seat for the presentation (or both): hannah(at)bora-bora.dk.