Anders Christiansen (DK) + Generación Del Ayer (CHL)



Are only young people allowed to dance? On September 16th to 18th Bora Bora challenges dance as a youth glorification with a Chilean-Danish themed evening where experience and history are the focus.

Experienced and noble bodies and life poetry meet myths, magic realism and history when Danish Anders Christiansen and Chilean Generación Del Ayer takes the Bora Bora stageon a double bill on the 16th to 18th of September. This is the only opportunity the public has to see the two performances MULD (Soil) and FACES AND TRACES together.

The Chilean dancers Carmen Aros and Sonia Uribe are both over 70 years old and in their performance they pay tribute to strong women – including Frida Kahlo. The music is Chilean classical music, as well as the music of Brahms.

Anders Christiansen – just turned 50 – comes with his new solo work, which has music by Jørgen Teller. MULD focuses on the past as an underlying energy that rumbles beneath the surface. He asks: Can history be felt if you really look for it?

In the two performances, the audience will experience strong personalities and integrity. Generational art as a beautiful counterpoint to the dance as youth glorification. In the break between the two parts of the evening film clips of modern dance performed by experienced bodies will shown in your foyer Headquarters.


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Black Box Dance Company (Marie Brolin-Tani)




Four choreographers from Brazil, Denmark, Sweden and South Africa offers their take on powerful contemporary dance to the rhythms and sounds of among others Egberto Gismonti, Arvo Pärt and Henrik Munch.

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When Australian Stephanie Lake presented her great dance performance DUAL we had a chat with her about the origins of the show and about the dancers and the audience. You can see the conversation in this 10 minute video where you also can see excerpt from DUAL and get a peek behind the scenes.


Don*Gnu has moved in at Bora Bora and are starting rehearsals for N.A.R.G. – North Arena Rumble Game in the coming weeks. First the turning balance board was adjusted and now the crew is working on getting the show ready for the premiere on October 30th.

And by the way… Have you seen the new video trailer for Selene Muñoz’ Libertad? It’s beautiful!