Selene Muñoz


11th and 13-15th October: Bora Bora hosts the first performance of Selene Muñoz’ Libertad

In the piece Selene takes her highly personal and modern flamenco style on a journey with street dancer, Benjamin Skop, and contemporary dancer, Alexandre Bourdat, through each of their own cultural backgrounds, traditions, history and technique. In Libertad, they try to create a new fusion of tradition and contemporary movements – a new freedom – and give the audience a great experience through music, dance, lighting and set design. Selene Muñoz searches for personal freedom and asks the question: What does freedom mean to people in the Western world in this day and age?

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After the performance on Monday 13th, there is a unique opportunity to have an artist talk with Selene Muñoz. For instance,  you can ask about her choreography, her techniques or her choice of music.




N.A.R.G. – North Arena Rumble Game is the follow-up to Woman Know Your Wardrobe. N.A.R.G is the new action packed performance by Don*Gnu – a story about finding balance between individuals, both in their close relationships and in society.

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