Premiere: 30th October to 4th November Don*Gnu stakes everything on one balancing stage in a intense swirl with gravity as a demanding partner

N.A.R.G. – NORTH ARENA RUMBLE GAME is an action-packed study of human beings and their interaction – a story about finding balance.

Balancing on The Turmoil – the giant rotating, tilting scene – the dancers challenge each other’s presence, responsiveness and balance. If you break the balance, the whole thing comes down. If we lose responsiveness we also lose our foundation. But without movement we do not create progress and dynamics.

N.A.R.G is a follow-up on Don*Gnu’s very successful performance, Woman Know Your Wardrobe, from 2012, which was nominated for the prestigious Danish award, Reumert. The four dancers on the rotating stage are Petras Lisauskas, Simon Beyer-Pedersen, Noora Hannula and César Garcia.

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Cie Skappa & Associé


SWIFT is a magical journey into the imagination of the youngest audience (3 years and up) with a artful and powerful combination of video, light design and theater. Cie Skappa & Associés is inspired by Gulliver’s Travels in this performance where the journey goes to distant lands in small boats and large ships to explore new continents of the real world and the imagination.

In the center is a man and his shadow in a miniature landscape. Slowly, the man realizes that it is he who has built this little universe, and that the city and the man are both main characters in the same story.

NB Performance play at 09.15 and 11.

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During SELENE MUÑOZ‘  stay at Bora Bora, we took our video camera and had a little chat about trying new things, about dance as an instrument and why she chose Bora Bora for her premiere.

The Aarhus newspaper, Århus Stiftstidende, gave the performance five out of six stars in their review and made an interview: “Flamenco med en mission”. (The interview is in Danish).
Revirewer and and culture writer, Morten Hede, made a podcast with Selene. And read Dans ONline’s (Terpsichore) review of Selene Muñoz’ Libertad here. (Both podcast and review are in Danish).