Skånes Dansteater



Sweden’s largest independent dance institution is visiting Aarhus – one night only – on December 2nd.

On December 2nd Bora Bora presents Skåne Dance Theatre’s … AND … – a double bill about identity, relationships and exchanging roles by choreographers Philippe Blanchard and Björn Säfsten. In search of sincere reactions and movements the choreographers and the ensemble have explored with open attention and created a space for improvisation. If art should reflect life, then art also behave like life – unexpected and unplanned.

“A performance that is surprising, entertaining and absolutely fantastic.”
– Skånska Dagbladet

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Modern Times Stage Company (CAN)
Featuring Don*Gnu (DK)



December 10th and 11th Toronto and Aarhus meet in a Bora Bora co-production, where theater monologue, dance and physical performance sheds light on forgiveness.


In FORGIVENESS three dancers and two actors explore the fundamental and intangible forgiveness with both seriousness and humor. From major conflicts in human history to the small intimate tragedies. The performance is a Danish-Canadian cooperation between Toronto’s Modern Times Stage Company and Dreamwalker Dance Company and Aarhus’ Don*Gnu, Bora Bora and Laboratoriet.

Shows how art is better when it isn’t merely rendered for its own sake. It is a brave risk that deserves generous support from theatre and dance audiences.”
– Stage and Page

“Boasts a strong ensemble cast, but it is the sixth star, the lighting/set/sound partnership that deserves heaps of accolades.
– Mooney on Theatre

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At of writing this, we are in the process of making the
spring season programme ready for you. Next season we
once again a large and wide range of great performances
to you. A lot to look forward to!
We start the season with the premiere of LiminalDK’s
new children’s performance PARTY in late January.
I can already book tickets for it here.