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November 18th and 19th Mute Comp. visit Bora Bora with their explosive mix of dance, martial arts, poetry and live music. The audience has already shown great interest in the show. It is already sold out.

Mute Comp. Physical Theatre’s “The Conspiracy of Spring” comes to Aarhus with lots of great reviews. There has been much interest in the spectacular and fast-paced show, which means that we are already sold out both days.

We apologize to those of you who would like to have seen the show. However, it is on tour around the country this November, as well as April 2015. The nearest cities are Vejle, Aalborg and Randers. See details on Kultunaut. See details at Kultunaut.

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Skånes Dansteater



On December 2nd Bora Bora gets visitors from Sweden.


Along with choreographers Philippe Blanchard and Björn Säfsten Skåne Dansteater has created two related works with very different expressions. They are presented together in “… AND …”.
The show is about identity and relationships. About swapping roles.

In search of sincere reactions and movements the two choreographers search with open attention and create space for improvisation. “If art should reflect life, then art also behave like life – unexpected and unplanned,” says the Skåne Dansteater.

“A performance that is surprising, entertaining and absolutely amazing.”
– Skånska Dagbladet

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Leading up to the premiere of “N.A.R.G.” we made a video interview
with Don*Gnu about the performance, which also includes clips from
the rehearsals.

On November 3rd Nørgaards Højskole, Testrup Højskole and others
visited Bora Bora to see N.A.R.G. Afterwards there was an artist talk
and many questions were asked. The video is a little shaky in the first
couple of minutes, but it gives a good view of the performance with
input from both dancers and choreographers.

We have also collected all Bora Bora interviews with choreographers
and dancers done through the years on this page.