Dansk Danseteater on Danish Tour


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March 4 and 5 Dansk Danseteater comes to Bora Bora with the explosive chorus classic originating in medieval poetry. The two young, award-winning choreographers Alessandro Sousa Pereira and Fabio Liberti have created a new piece for it. The heavenly and earthly unite in Carl Orff’s famous choral and orchestral work from 1936, which still roars with life today.
Please note! Come at 19.00 and get Dansk Danseteater’s introduction to the show.

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New Nordic Dance

Bora Bora Platform


Festival with 10 Danish and international performances on March 11 to 14 

On Bora Bora Platform you can get a dance experience out of the ordinary – here we present something different and edgy and focus on dance in a new way. Bora Bora Platform is about meeting dance, the artists and each other in experiencing and having an open dialogue on dance and performance today. It will be four days with ten new performances of Nordic dance and performance, workshops, debates and feedback sessions. The theme is “experience dance, voice your opinion.”

You can the Platform Pass (all events) to the festival for only 300 DKK (remember to book seats for the performances as well). Tickets for single performances can be purchased for 90 DKK. General group discounts are also applicable (60 and 50 DKK).

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Other News

Short Film Trailer – “As a Start”


Don*Gnu has put the finishing touches on their new short film “As A Start” and has revealed the video trailer for it. The film is based upon the performance of the same name, and developed and shot in Havana, Cuba. In it you will experience the dancers Simon Beyer-Pedersen, Peter Lyngaard and local Cuban dancers from Danze Teatro Retazos. The film will premiere on Bora Bora 21 March. Exact time to be announced.