23rd – 24th March: Don*Gnu
N.A.R.G. – North Arena Rumble Game

Don*Gnu is currently on a major tour of Denmark with N.A.R.G.” – with a side trip to Finland. On 23 and 24 March the people of Aarhus get the chance again when it returns to Bora Bora, where it had its world premiere in the fall. Please note: There are three performances over the two days. Read more on our website.

“Beautiful and poetic. (…) Jannik Elkær and Kristoffer L.A. Pedersen, along with Christoffer Brekne, have in N.A.R.G. created an innovative work with an interesting quality of motion.
– Berlingske

“As a whole N.A.R.G. exudes zest for motion and a commendable desire to explore the positive potential in aggression and conquer new territories in the landscape of dance on the exciting tilting stage.”
– Århus Stiftstidende




Nicole Beutler (NL)
4: Still Life

14th – 15th APRIL
Nicole Beutler distils elements from the long history of partner dance. From the Renaissance to post-modern dance by way of Lindy Hop. From western court dances such as the Pavane, the Gaillard and the Canario, to standard ballroom dances like the Slow Waltz, the Slow Fox and the Boogie. The Bauhaus movement also inspired this ‘mechanical ballet’ dance duet. Watch trailer.
A fantastic beautiful dance performance. Truly a feast for the eyes.
– Jur Jansen, Sapsite

On the same day as “4: STILL LIFEhas its Danish premiere we have the repremiere of “CUT //”. The acclaimed youth performance (13 years and up) which takes on the problem of self-harm. A thematic line drawn from the Hans Christian Andersen sensitive princess in The Princess and the Pea“, to the young cutters where it is not the small pea, but life itself that hurts. The performance plays on April 14 to 17. Please note the varying playing times in both daytime and evening.
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In the past week was Bora Bora a busy hive of local and international audiences, who dove in to the ten performances, workshops and seminars that were on the programme at Bora Bora Platform Festival. The crowd filled the stages and shared their honest opinions afterwards. Many words were written and even more photos taken. You can look into all this on our website.