GLiMT’s performance “Empty Steps” will play at Bora Bora during Aarhus Children’s Theatre Festival – Thursday October 1st (at 12:30) and Friday October 2nd (at 10:15 and 11:45).

About the performance:
Two street children have barricaded themselves against the world behind heaps of old clothes. All their days are alike. With thee nose deep in glue bags they disappear into misty dreams that keep them up briefly. But what is on the other side of the intoxication? And is it worth the wait? Often there is no food, but a piece of bread with cheese is the biggest feast.
The show uses dance, physical skills, humour and drama to get the audience to feel and reflect on the reality of millions of children around the world.
“Empty Steps” is for children aged 9 years and up, and runs for 40 minutes.

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