October 7 & 8: Pernille Garde

Lost Memories

Shaken, disoriented and without memory Mr. H arrives at a psychiatric emergency ward. The space, sounds and doors evoke glimpses of memories and the staff transforms into people from his past. Infinitely slowly he recalls: A woman is lost in the darkness.

In Pernille Gardes acclaimed “Lost Memoriesthe moving story of finding yourself is told through dance, video, words and music. Intense dance theater with a traumatic story about memory loss starring stage veteran Bo Madvig alongside Tiziana Fracchiolla, Kristofer Krarup and Sherwin Reyes.



Concert with unique stage design

Reptile Youth & Abby Portner

A unique concert with one of Denmark’s most popular rock bands Reptile Youth – with stage design and video visuals by the American artist Abby Portner. For many years she has worked closely with Animal Collective as well as worked with John Cale and Jim Henson Studios and is building an entirely unique stage design with video visuals as well (follow their work on Instagram)..

Bora Bora presents this concert in cooperation with Fonden Voxhall.

Doors: 20.00 / Concert starts: 21.00

Please note! Concert ticket is 170 DKK + fee at Billetlugen.
(Regular Bora Bora discounts do not apply)

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We have added a show to the autumn program: A restaging of dadadans’ Feathers & Stilettosrunning from October 22 to 24. Choreographer and dancer Helle Bach tells us – in a mix of dance and voice – her personal account of being a showgirl in the early 1990s at the famous cabaret scene Folies Bergere in Paris. You can read more and buy tickets here on our website.