November 17 & 18: European tripple-performance

Aerowaves Platform

Three performances in one evening. Austrian chivalry in full body armor, a French slow-motion dream of magical light and dark, and gloomy Norwegian poetry translated into a explosive performance.

CHIVALRY IS DEAD – Alexander Deutinger & Alexander Gottfarb (Austria)
When two men take the Y out of irony, all they are left with is iron. No horse, no damsels, no enemies – how can they keep up their medieval ideals of morals and manliness in a world of blood-spattered fantasy in TV and gaming? Must chivalry come to a clanking halt? (40 min.)

ELLIPSES – La Cie 14:20 (France)
By controlling the lighting during the performance Aragorn Boulanger creates a dreamlike state. One person is on stage, but several parallel characters interact with each other. Perhaps there are several stories in the one body. (30 min.)

JORDJENTA – Berstad/Helgebostad/Wigdel (Norge) 
Three women create a world as disturbing as it is funny. Jordjenta launches itself onto the stage with gale-force energy and a lust for experimental tearing-it-up. The performance is inspired by Maria Tryti Vennerød’s poem “Jordjenta”. (52 min.)

PLEASE NOTE: The performance starts at 19:30!





December 2 & 3: Edhem Jesenković

M.E.N. / 4 Times Hundred


Acclaimed Jesenkovićs visually strong double performance about the 90’s Balkan chaos and the modern man. In M.E.N. Edhem Jesenkovic takes on the living conditions of the modern man with seriousness, humor and irony with three dancers. In 4 TIMES HUNDRED you can experience the four dancers Siri Woolthorn, Merete Dam, Asher Lev and Thomas Holm Radil. Seen through the eyes of a young man raised in the Balkans in the ’90s, four dancers try and solve a 100 different issues through dance and rhythmic studies of rituals, territories and rules. Read more and watch video





Wonderful news: Don Gnus “N.A.R.G – North Arena Rumble Game” and HimHerAndIt Productions’ “The WOMANhouse” have been selected to be among the THE AEROWAVES TWENTY. 500 dance companies from all over Europe have applied – and two from Aarhus have been singled out to be among the twenty of the best from that lot. In 2016 and onwards the companies will see much more action on the international stages.
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The reviewers were happy with Don Gnu’s “M.I.S. All Night Long”. TV2 Østjylland’s Kulturkampen-reviewers had lots of fun and gave 4 and 5 stars. There were also great reviews in Teateravisen, Kulturtid and 5stjerner-bloggen. All in Danish. The performance comes to Copenhagen in March of 2016.




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