December 2 & 3: Edhem Jesenković

M.E.N. / 4 Times Hundred

Acclaimed Jesenkovic’s visually strong double performance about the 90’s Balkan chaos and the modern man. In M.E.N. Edhem Jesenkovic takes on the living conditions of the modern man with seriousness, humor and irony with three dancers. In 4 TIMES HUNDRED you can experience the four dancers Hilde Ingeborg Sandvold, Merete Hersvik, Asher Lev and Thomas Holm Radil. Seen through the eyes of a young man raised in the Balkans in the ’90s, four dancers try and solve a 100 different issues through dance and rhythmic studies of rituals, territories and rules. Read more and watch video



December 14: Kitt Johnson X-act

Post No Bills

Reumert Award winner: Dancer of the year 2015

POST NO BILLS is a dance solo by one of Denmark’s best dancers, Kitt Johnson. A dance performance on the crisis and the notion that it should lead to criticism and not only passive suffering.
When the stomach ache after the collective western consumption constipation has ceased. When ship wrecks and the havoc of the systemic crisis have become chronic. When we can no longer ignore the completely fatal in confusing expansion with development. When the choice is between death or change. And you know that the latter does not happen unless you punch a hole in the shell, punctures the membrane and scrap the fiction of reality. Right there we meet the disillusioned human with empty hands. Sent home. And free to reinvent the beginning. Read more and watch video.
Presented in association with Rethink Human Being.




Hear’s Bora Bora’s new producer Lotte Kofod Ludvigsen talk about the project “Dance Your Neighbour” (in Danish) at TV2 Østjylland in the programme Kulturkampen, which here focuses on the new Aarhus 2017-projects which benefitted in the latest round of funding.
Watch in here (starts at 24:12)