In connection with Himherandit Production’s double bill “WoMAN & WOMAN” the September 26th to 30th Bora Bora presents an exhibition focusing on gender created by ten young people . It will be presented on the same days as the performance – from 18:00. Entrance to the exhibition is free.

Talking GENDERS Youth Exhibition  features the explorations and diverse perspectives from the young people point of view on the discourse of gender, sexuality and identity. These topics are rigoriously investigated in the youth’s individual art works such as video, photography, writing, performance and sound installation.

The aim of the exhibition is to bring to awareness to diverse view’s on gender and sexual identities, create a space for authentic expression, and shine a light on to the perspectives of young individuals growing up in todays society.

How do young people of today experience gender?
Do they feel gender is something that is externally or internally constructed?
How does gender effect growing up? Is it changeable?
Can gender be dissected? Distilled?
Does gender have a skeleton? Can it be taken apart? Taken off and taken on?

The talking GENDERS Youth Exhibition is the result of a summer intensive creative process The Talking Gender Youth Project; a unique creative development project that offers young individuals the opportunity for creative workshops, social discussion and presentation in a professional performing arts venue.

The young individuals between the age of 16-26 years are selected to participate in an artistic development program that consists of artistic learning and social reflection though a creative process. The young artists engage in social debates and skill based arts workshops that give them fuel for the development of their individual project. Their individual project is supported by professional continues artistic mentoring; and professional production support for the presentation of their art work.

The Talking Gender Youth Project is a Himherandit Productions community outreach program aimed at supporting young talents and individuals to engage with art and social topics as a means for developing culture through Denmark.