In the weekend April 28-30 Aarhus became the European meeting point for new dance. Hundreds of presenters etc. from theaters from all over the world came to see the latest new European talents and the local audience got a big selection of unique experiences.
We are deeply grateful for the positive feedback which the festival received from audience and presenters alike, and not least for the work that the festival’s technicians and the small army of volunteers provided, which made it possible to show 20 performances (35 showings) in just 2,5 days and manage to get the audience to each venue. Also a thanks to our supporters and partners, among them the Aerowaves team in London. And a very special thanks to the artist who came from all over Europe and gave the best they had.
The festival exceeded our expectations, so at Bora Bora we are very proud and happy. See you next year in Sofia, Bulgaria!

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A selection of photos shot by Christoffer Brekne