At the time of writing this we are putting the final touches on the spring program at Bora Bora. You will be able to experience 14 different performances from the end of January until the beginning of June, divided into 11 events (this means that three of these events are double programs).

We will provide information about the performances here on Bora Boras website in the course of December.

Those of you who participated in Bora Bora’s season presentation earlier this year and got a sneak peek will know that Don Gnu will return with both the “Hunt for the Gray Gold” and the Reumert nominated “Human In Balance”. And Uppercut Dance Theater will arrive with the ball of energy called “Panic Day”.

Vertical dancer Esther Wrobel presents “Myopic Time”. Three new international performances selected through the European Aerowaves network of dance theatres will once again find their way to Bora Bora’s stages. Daniel Mariblanca (previously seen in HimHerAndIt Productions’ “WOMANhouse” and “WOMAN” v. 1.0) comes to Aarhus with “71Bodies 1 Dance” while we also present a double “nouveau circus” program featuring the “As Heavy As It Goes” and “Polystyrene”.

In addition, you also get the pleasure of Adriano Wilfert Jensen, Sara Hamming, Hvid Støj and the ILT Festival in the spring.

Ticket sales are not open yet – but you can of course buy gift cards.

In other words: You have lots to look forward to!

Bora Bora