Get ready for an delicious exclusive luxury experience!

On June 5 it is possible to buy an supplementary ticket for the evening’s “Human In Balance” performance, which gives access to a very special culinary experience.

In connection with the European Cultural Region’s “Genopdag” Culture Festival in June 2019, the Institute of Meals in Ebeltoft will hold the world’s first biennial for the meal. One of these biennial events is made in collaboration with Bora Bora, where food artist Jakob Vinkler (Smag, The Borderless Kitchen, The Gastronomic Tourist Office, Fish A Deli Circus) will create food that is inspired in several ways by the evening’s performance.
Before the performance, the most beautiful food is served and the individual table’s guests support each other with the greatest pleasure as purpose. Like the performance, the dinner is a “fusion” between Cypriot and Danish culture. After the performance a glass will be served and there will be the opportunity to have a talk with the artists.

Price for dinner and drinks is 350 kroner – on top of your chosen ticket price. After putting your performance tickets in the shopping cart you will then be asked if you want to add food tickets as well. Please note: The sale of food event tickets endds 2 days before the event starts.