Become part of a performance:

Volunteers wanted for video shoot on May 23rd!

Himherandit Productions (in-house artists at Bora Bora, known for among other things The GENDERhouse Festival in 2018 and the performances “MANhouse”, “WOMAN & WoMAN”, “GARDEN” etc.) are in the midst of developing their coming performance “Champions / Mass Effect”, which premiers in February 2020.
As part of the project they are going to film a wrestling match, and the footage will be used in the performance. For this they seek volunteers who are ready to act as audience during the shoot.

It requires no specific abilities or experience – only readiness to cheer on together with the other volunteers.
“We will guide you safely through the shoot with simple instructions and light catering to keep the good energy flowing”, says Andreas Constantinou from Himherandit.

As part of your participation you will be invited to a free preview of the performance in February 2020 at Bora Bora where it will have its premiere.
Himherandit is looking for all types of people – everybody no matter their size, gender, age etc are welcome, so come join the fun! Only requirement is that you are at least 16 years old.

The video shoot takes place at Ceres Arena on Stadion Allé 70, 8000 Aarhus, Thursday May 23rd from 18:00-22:00 (approximate end point). NB: parts of the wrestling contains nudity.

Do you and your friends want to participate? Then write to volunteer coordinator Rikke at [email protected] to sign up.

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