19 – 21 May: Aakash Odedra

Murmur / Inked


From 19 to 21 May the audience in Aarhus has a unique opportunity to see one of the new big names on the international dance scene: Aakash Odedra. In the double feature “Murmur / Inked” modern and classical Indian dance mixes with impressive video effects, whirlwind and beautiful music.

“Murmur” is about the award-winning dancer’s own struggle with dyslexia and “Inked” takes on old-time ritual scarification and tattoos as proof of identity.

The newspaper London Evening Standard counts Aakash among the hottest new artists in culture in 2015. Moreover he performed at the TED Talk Global in Rio de Janeiro last year and the top choreographer Akram Khan has among other things created choreography for him. Ars Electronica Futurelab created the digital scenography, while Nitin Sawhney and Loscil worked on the soundtracks. Aakash choreographed “Murmur / Inked” in cooperation with Lewis Major and the Laurence Olivier Award winning Damien Jalet. Bora Bora co-produced the performance.

He had that sense of ecstacy, which reached upward spiritually, but also goes horizontally to the audience.” – Wall Street Journal

His dancing combines classical rigour with a mercurial, adventurous lightness.” – The Guardian

bliss point

27 May – 4 June: Kassandra Production


Looking for the ultimate happiness? Do you crave the physical and mental rush? Do not worry, you are not alone!

Those who sell cars, security and lifestyle, will hit the point where you want more and more of what they sell. They chase your BLISS POINT. New performance by Annika B. Lewis.

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Sky Academy Arts Aakash Odedra documentary
aakash video

Sky Academy Arts made a 7 minute mini documentary about the genesis of “Murmur”. Aakash tells of the inspiration from classical Indian dance and the team tell of the interactive digital scenography. Elsewhere, the London Royal Opera House gathered their favourite videos of Aakash, while you can also watch an interview with him about dyslexia on YouTube.


Spor Festival: Award winner at Bora Bora

10 May Simon Steen-Andersen, winner of the Nordic Music Council Music Prize 2014, comes to Bora Bora. In “Staged Night” he reinterprets classical music in cooperation with the German ensemble Ascolta. Read more here.


WOMANhouse video-interview


At the premiere of “The WOMANhouse / ReDoing Gender” we had a chat with director and choreographer Andreas Constantinou about the performance. You can watch it here.  An interview with the dancers are on it’s way as well.