27. May – 4. June: Kassandra Production

Bliss Point


Looking for the ultimate happiness? Do you crave the physical and mental rush? Don’t worry, you are not alone! The ones selling fast food, sex, cars, security, clothes, furniture and lifestyle, will hit the point where you want more and more of what they sell. They are chasing your BLISS POINT. They know exactly what they need to do to transform you, the consumer, to an insatiable vampire thirsty and hungry for exactly what they want to sell you. BLISS POINT tear the veil of the unseen world away. Take back the control!
New performance by Annika B. Lewis and Kassandra Production.


30. – 31. May: ILT Festival

The last two days of May the ILT Festival comes to Bora Bora with four jugglers – locked up on a stage that keeps getting smaller and smaller. When intimacy fades, the presence of others can be seen both as aggression and dependence.
Belgian Compagnie Ea Eo are the creators of this show where the four jugglers are violently  confronted with the fear of lacking vital space.
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Bora Bora interview with Aakash Odedra
Before the Danish premiere of Murmur / Inkedwe interviewed Aakash Odedra about his performance. Hear him talk about Indian Kathak dance, his use of technology and his personal story with dyslexia.
PLEASE NOTE! Tonight Thursday May 21st the performance plays for the last time.


Concert with Reptile Youth and Abby Portner

We are currently working at presenting the fall season’s programme. We can already reveal that on October 3rd the popular Danish band Reptile Youth comes to Bora Bora with Abby Portner, who have created a unique stage design. She has for many years worked closely with Animal Collective as well as – among others . John Cale and Jim Henson Studios.
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