October 29 – November 3: Don Gnu Physical Theater

M.I.S. – all night long

M.I.S. ALL NIGHT LONG is a slapstick dance performance which kicks the balls in orbit and bang the heads together in pursuit of the cursed self-understanding.

In the final part of the trilogy about MEN SANDALS three totally different dancing men stretch themselves to the breaking point to explore the man‘s unexpected paths and hidden energies in his labyrinthine search for meaning and pathos

With Kristoffer Louis Andrup Pedersen, Jannik Elkær and Simon Beyer-Pedersen.

You can already follow the making of the performance via small videos and photos from the boys on their Facebook page and on Instagram.



Nov 17+18: European tripple-performance

Aerowaves Platform


Three performances in one evening. Austrian chivalry in full body armor, a French slow-motion dream of magical light and dark, and gloomy Norwegian poetry translated into a explosive performance.

CHIVALRY IS DEAD – Alexander Deutinger & Alexander Gottfarb (Austria)
When two men take the Y out of irony, all they are left with is iron. No horse, no damsels, no enemies – how can they keep up their medieval ideals of morals and manliness in a world of blood-spattered fantasy in TV and gaming? Must chivalry come to a clanking halt? (40 min.)

ELLIPSES – La Cie 14:20 (France)
By controlling the lighting during the performance Aragorn Boulanger creates a dreamlike state. Perhaps there are several stories in the one body. (30 min.)

JORDJENTA – Berstad/Helgebostad/Wigdel (Norge) 
Tre kvinder skaber en verden lige så foruroligende, som den er morsom. Jordjenta kaster sig selv ind på scenen med stormfuld energi og lyst til eksperimentelt at pille det hele fra hinanden. Inspireret af Maria Tryti Vennerøds digt “Jordjenta”. (52 min.)
Three women create a world as disturbing as it is funny. Jordjenta launches itself onto the stage with gale-force energy and a lust for experimental tearing-it-up. The performance is inspired by Maria Tryti Vennerød’s poem “Jordjenta”. (52 min.)

PLEASE NOTE: The performance starts at 19:30!

Read more and watch videos





A restaging of dadadans’ Feathers & Stilettos” has been added to the fall programme October 22 to 24. Choreographer and dancer Helle Bach tells us – in a mix of dance and voice – her personal account of being a showgirl in the early 1990s at the famous cabaret scene Folies Bergere in Paris. You can read more and buy tickets here on our website.

Do you want to write about the exciting experiences you have in cultural life? Bora Bora offers a writing workshop (with culture reviewer Anne Middelboe Christensen from the national newspaper Information) for upcoming or active culture journalists and reviewers. See the triple Aerowavesshow on November 17, write your review and feedback. Please note: Workshop will be in Danish. Read more here

We are super happy to welcome Lotte Kofod Ludvigsen our new international producer at Bora Bora! She will be working as a project manager on Bora Bora’s big international collaborative efforts on talent development, co-productions and festivals. Lotte is educated as dramaturg and has previously worked as a theater critic at the national newspaper Politiken, as well as worked with fundraising and as development consultant.



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