International dance festival for babies and toddlers

In autumn 2017, Bora Bora will launch its new interactive dance festival, Dance Baby Dance! Over the course of 9 days, 6 Danish and international dance companies will invite young audiences (up to age 4) to participate in 18 interactive performances that promise to ignite the imagination. Dance Baby Dance! is for kids, by kids, as children will co-create the festival’s performances with professional dancers. Parents will also be encouraged to dance and play.

As part of Bora Bora’s larger initiative to create art for babies and toddlers, Dance Baby Dance! will feature exhibitions, workshops, and debates addressing the need to expand youth programming and exploring new possibilities for creative engagement.

The performances will take place on October 17, 18, 19, 24, 25 and 26.

The project is a part of the official program for Aarhus 2017

6 performances in 9 days that create interactive meetings between the dance and children



Two of the performances at the festival are:

Imaginart (Spain): Little Night (Age 0-3)

Little Night is a unique interactive experience for young children. As a film projects onto the floor, bringing it to life with images of the night, a female dancer invites children to play with the projected figures and create their own choreography. Through their interactions with the film, the young dancers will meet stars that travel with their handbags and gentlemen with umbrellas that fall from heaven. Filled with humour and a touch of the absurd and surreal, this collage of suggestive images stimulates the senses and encourages adults and children to play together. The kids will be dressed in white so that as they are immersed in colour and light they become participants in the play and little canvases for the art projections.


Little Night is created by Imaginart, a company that is specialised in the creation, production and distribution of unique shows for children aged between one and five. These shows arouse curiosity, enrich the imagination, recreate new settings and explore limits. Imaginart created and produced Little Night after the international success of the performance Sensacional.

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Aaben Dans (DK) and Stary Bowary (PL): Babyspace (Age 0-1)

An evocative installation for babies 3-12 months and their parents.

Babyspace is a sensuous experience where the audience is invited into an airy space with soft white materials and exciting light- and soundscapes. Babies and their parents will meet two dancers in a space based on aesthetics, movement and an interactive communication with babies.

An experience of calmness in wondrous change for children and adults together.

Aaben Dans creates experiences for people at all ages. They move the audience in an entertaining, relevant and suggestive way. They are known for being innovative and they create pieces with high artistic quality with focus on the body.

Aaben Dans is a regional theatre company in Roskilde that works with dance and body as a form of expression.

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