Bora Bora has contributed in the DNA network in different ways. Below here you can read more about these activities.

Residencies at Bora Bora

Bora Bora hosted the first of two residencies within DNA in January 2012 when Hungarian group Scarabeus Co. worked here for a few weeks with their experiments dancing under water and developing video projections.

January 21st-February 3rd the choreographer Laszlo Fülöp visited Bora Bora together with three dancers and a psychologist to research for the production There’s an Elephant in Every Room.


International co-production

Bora Bora, DNA and Granhøj Dans have made a large co-production to be the main event of the DNA project. The result is the spectacular piece Men&Mahler featuring eight dancers and one singer from the different DNA-countries. May 5th 2013 Men&Mahler was given a Reumert award for best dance performance of the year.
The performance premiered at Bunker i Ljubljana in Slovenia in the summer of 2012. Since then it has been on tour this fall and continues with performances in Czech Republique, Slovakia and Denmark in the spring of 2013. Danes can see it at Granhøj Dans February 21st-24th, at Bora Bora’s DNA festival EAST GATE EUROPE in April and at Dansehallerne in Copenhagen.

DNA Festival

April 18th-21st 2013 Bora Bora finished off the DNA-project with the festival EAST GATE EUROPE. Among the participants were Men&Mahler and a variety of performances from the DNA-countries.