Danish premiere!

4: STILL LIFE is a court dance, a mating dance, a play, a ‘Lichtspiel’, a ritual.

Nicole Beutler distils elements from the long history of partner dance. From the Renaissance to post-modern dance by way of Lindy Hop. From western court dances such as the Pavane, the Gaillard and the Canario, to standard ballroom dances like the Slow Waltz, the Slow Fox and the Boogie. The Bauhaus movement also inspired this ‘mechanical ballet’ dance duet.

In these times of virtual communication and disappearing every day interaction 4: STILL LIFE is a search for contact and connection: mating rituals; leaders and followers; merging and struggling; distance and intimacy.

Supported by
 Fabrik Potsdam
NBprojects and Theater Malpertuis



"A fantastic beautiful dance performance. A game of objects, bodies, space and light. (...) A very diverse performance that is truly a feast for the eyes."
- Jur Jansen, Sapsite

"The device of a man and a woman performing a duet onstage is a classic one. It is tautly timed, dazzlingly intelligent, and excellently designed. (...)When he supports her and she supports him in a perfect construction – their entwined bodies conveying a dazzling and emotional visual language – there is, for a moment, true magic."
- Mirjam van der Linden, Volkskrant

"Solid form and movement, spaciousness and intimacy, visual arts and dance, past and present. 4: STILL LIFE is an intriguing dialogue between extremes. Beutler mixes and kneads the ingredients into a delicious, super aesthetic, formal whole, in which we may look for sweat and emotion."
- Moos van den Broek, Theaterkrant


About Nicole Beutler

Nicole Beutler (born 1969) lives and works in Amsterdam as choreographer and theatremaker. Her work is situated on the threshold of dance, performance and visual arts, she works from the conviction that all fixed categorizations should be destabilized. She refers in her contemporary work often also to the history of dance and theatre. She engages in works with amateurs and professionals, old and young. Her performances are composed with a high sense for musicality, and suffused with subtle humor.

4: STILL LIFE is part of a series of works of which there are presently five performances.