71BODIES 1DANCE - a multidisciplinary art project with dance performance, photography and film installation.

Arrive already at 19.00 to see art installation in the foyer/HQ.

A multidisciplinary and choreographic initiative by Daniel Mariblanca in collaboration with the photographer Mar C Llop and Filmmaker Ursula Kaufmann. Photography, film deployment and dance performance are in dialogue with each other in a format that affects the complexity of the broad spectrum of (trans) gender identities. The work is inspired by 71 personal experiences and testimonies from transgender people in Europe. This artistic project gives visibility, generate curiosity and creates knowledge of the transsexual community. By showing different ways of being, the project proposes new ways to appreciate beauty and create desire and longing.

What is gender? What does it mean to be transgender?
What is the difference between a "transgender" person and a "cisgender" person?
What are the differences between gender identity, gender expression, biological gender and sexual orientation?
What does it mean to live in the closet? What does it mean to come out of the closet?

Daniel Mariblanca:
When I started my transition I had the urgent need to create a choreographic work where I could express my strong feelings as well as the changes I began to experience in my body. It felt so liberating to come out and open my heart to all the people around me. I did because I could not lie more for myself. I had much doubt and fear of coming out; to be discriminated or rejected by my family, my partner or my friends. I was afraid I could lose my job. I questioned if coming out would affect my career. I was worried how my openness would affect my future. I knew that I was not the only one who experienced this fear and pressure. Many other transgender people go through similar matches. I realized that by speaking only from my individual perspective it would be a very limited picture of what it's like to be a "transgender" person. Therefore, I was inspired to base this work on 71 transgenderers and that was also the beginning of the project.



Black Little Boxes
12 small black boxes meet the audience as they enter the room. The boxes are highlighted by a small light that controls their eyes and invites them to look inside. The audience will take part in one of the main characters' story and life for a moment. These short pieces in this particular form will create a sense of intimacy between the protagonist and the viewer. This is the first contact with the protagonists. A close and intimate contact to understand the deep human factor.
This work as been made in collaboration with the filmmaker Ursula Kaufmann.

Dance Performance
The dance performance lasts for 71 minutes and will embrace the 71 stories in one body. The physical work is based on the body, its qualities and textures. The dance will reflect the same concept as the little black boxes - the intimate encounter with personal experience, but now through dance. With a blank black scene and a nude body. No disturbances or decorations. Only the body and its physical properties. The naked body is an emotionally charged space, which at the same time contains vulnerability, strength, shame, pleasure, intimacy and empowerment. The naked body will allow the audience to challenge their own preconceived opinions and ideas about the naked body.

Photo Exhibition
The photo exhibition consists of 71 portraits with the personal stories that the audience will be invited to experience after the dance performance. The posters are made by photographer Mar C Llop through interviews with all protagonists.


The audience at Bora Bora have previously had the opportunity to experience Daniel Mariblanca in HimHerAndIt Productions' "WOMANhouse" and "WOMAN" (v. 1.0).