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Experience Black Box Dance Company in a completely new performance, inspired by the seven deadly sins. Anger, gluttony and sloth ... We know them all. What are we allowed, what can we do and how do we resist temptation. Can we even speak of sin in our time - feel envy, freed and gluttony? Or are these concepts, when it comes down to it, just part of the road to happiness and a successful life in today's competitive society? And is lust really something shameful ... sex and nudity everywhere ...

The performance 7EVEN is in two acts, and unfolds in an artificial world where the struggle between hiding and showing one's true self is portrayed in the dancers' personification of both sinners and virtues. Inspired by among other things animated cartoons, fairy tales and the use of masks.

The Cypriot choreographer Fotis Nikolaou wants to explore the ancient religious sinners and virtues in a new context with a poetic and very personal choreographic language. In an intimate collaboration with the dancers, composer Christian Trondheim and costume designer Charlotte Østergaard Fotis will create a completely contemporary performance from a young person's perspective.


About Black Box Dance Company & Fotis Nikolaou

Black Box Dance Company in Holstebro started in the spring of 2013 with Marie Brolin-Tani as artistic director. She originally trained as a modern dancer in Stockholm, but made her breakthrough in Aarhus. Here she was an integral part in the establishing of a professional dance environment through the MBT Dance Theatre - located in the same house wheres Bora Bora now finds itself. In 2001 she was artistic director at the Dance Theatre of Skåne in Lund, Sweden, and then came back in 2013 to the Danish dance scene.

Fotis Nikolaou was born in Famagusta in Cyprus. He graduated from The State School of Dance in Athens, and has received further training in New York. Fotis is choreographer and founder of the X-it Dance Theatre, which is located in Athens, Greece. He has made several choreographies for his own company - among them the works "Waltz", "Inland" and "Unravelling".
Back in 2004 Fotis choreographed for of the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Athens. Fotis has participated in several international festivals around the world. He has repeatedly choreographed for Cyprus's National Theatre - latest when he choreographed "The Three Penny Opera and Elektra - Orestes, the trial", for which he won the National Choreography award for in 2013. He has worked for Malmö Opera in Sweden, where he choreographed "Salome". In addition, he choreographed "Lonely Room" for Greece's National Ballet Company.