Back at Bora Bora as part of big tour of Denmark!

A tragi-comic performance about the art of failing.

In "A Snowball's Chance In Hell" DON GNU travels back to the 1920s to examine the beautiful art of failing.

Two men in the form of DON (Jannik Elkær) and GNU (Kristoffer Louis Andrup Pedersen) throw themselves into the robes of classic film, in order to describe the clown inside us all. The scene is set in the iconic universe of silent films from a time with specks of white dust on the screen and Charlie Chaplin on the loose – the questions is, however, whether DON and GNU can manage to stay within the frame..?

In an intimate, entertaining and expressive performance where dance, video, music and interaction with the audience interplay, we are drawn into a world of simple human conflicts, failures and power-struggles on micro-level, where it is difficult not to recognize and laugh at the clown within ourselves.

Accompanied by the music of singer and composer Alice Carreri.

The performance is supported by The Danish Arts Foundation.

Co-produced by Bora Bora.

Interview in Århus Stiftstidende (Danish)
Interview in Jutland Station (English)



"Clever, classy and a hoot to boot."
- The Herald Scotland

"Bold, brash and baffling."
- SGFringe, Scotland

"It's not just the coffee pot which sputters, but the whole performance which bubbles with joy and delight. (...) It is highly recommended to go and experience how all these antics committed by Don Gnu (resident artists at Bora Bora) to the great music and song by Alice Carreri all fit neatly together."

- Århus Stiftstidende (read the whole review in Danish)

"A small but masterful theatrical gem - wonderfully entertaining! And Don Gnu prove with their physical activities that we still need honest and curious clowns who we can mirror ourselves in - and laugh at our mistakes and failures."

- Kulturtid (read the whole review in Danish)

"Boyish attitude with a jaunty and cheerful glimpse in the eye - and eminent dance on a very high level, which in some magic way looks playfully easy. (...) The form is a wonderful mix of movies, clown-like and silent movie-inspired sequences as well as stunning and powerful dance. (...) ... keep an eye on this distinctive company. "

- KOP Kultur (read at KOP Kultur's Facebook page in Danish)

"...manages to lift the art of the silent movie and still keeps on surprising us."
- Bloggen 5stjerner (read the whole review in Danish)

"A refreshing, comic take on contemporary dance and visual theatre; a delightful performance to tease out the laughs in us all."
- Jutland Station (read the whole review in English)


About Don Gnu - Physical Theatre & Film

Don Gnu - Physical Theatre and Film is an artistic collaboration that focuses on dance and physical theater. Their style is entertaining, direct, expressive and very physical.

The artistic duo is made up of choreographers Jannik Elkaer and Kristoffer Louis Andrup Pedersen

The company has previously created the performances "As A Start" and the trilogy "Men in Sandals", "Woman Know Your Wardrobe" and "M.I.S. - All Night Long". "Woman Know Your Wardrobe" was nominated for a Reumert Award and received Aarhus' audience award for performing arts. Furthermore Don Gnu has created "N.A.R.G. - North Arena Rumble Game", which was chosen as one of the AerowavesTwenty. In 2017 Don Gnu produced the very well-received performance "Human In Balance" supported by and made for the two European Capitals of Culture, Aarhus (Denmark) and Pafos (Cyprus).

In addition to extensive tour activities in Denmark, DON GNU has also presented their dance performances in South Korea, Canada, Belgium, Holland, Scotland, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Lithuania, Cyprus and Cuba.

Don Gnu are resident artists at Bora Bora.