"Altrove" is a movement score for a reinvented body. Diagnosed with a neurodegenerative disease causing a gradual atrophy of the nerves and muscles in his hands, Alessandro began imagining the condition spreading to his limbs and estranging him from his own body and senses. "Altrove" explores movement beyond the amplitude of the familiar gesture. In this delicate solo performance, the audience witnesses the creative response of a body breaking free from its own limits.


Alessandro Schiattarella is a dancer, choreographer and videographer based in Switzerland. Since the age of fifteen, he has been affected by Hirayama disease, a neuromuscular disability that slowly reduced the strength in his hands. This didn’t stop him from dancing in international and renowned dance companies such as the Bejart Ballet Lausanne, the Ballet Du Grand Theatre de Geneve, the Scapino Ballet Rotterdam, the Konzerttheater Bern, Ballett Basel.

Since 2015, Alessandro has been supported by the Cultural Commission of the City of Basel. His latest productions are "Altrove", which he has performed in several international festivals, and "Tell me where it is", a full-evening solo piece choreographed from a biographical perspective. Alessandro was awarded the Cinema Prize of the Choreographic Captures Competition for the video-choreography "Mani-Cure" (2015).