I see myself from outside, sometimes.
It's me - but I can't go back in.
Feels like a stranger. Is that me?
I dig into myself, under my skin.
How many are we? Who are they and how do we coexist?

Reality dissolves.

Performers and choreographers Fabio Liberti and Emanuele Rosa explore this personal out-of-body experience and co-existence through movement, dance and video art. In this duet they invite the audience to explore this fascinating dualism of mind and body and question how we define personality and how such concepts are understood and valued in our society.

Fabio Liberti and Emanuele Rosa would like to direct your attention to the social pressure that exists on being ONE - defined by one clear and rational personality. This attempt to rationalize and categorize our sense of self in ONE part instead of embracing a multidimensional ideal. With this piece they engage the audience in a reflection on personality, identity and the psyche.

"As if, I have missed myself" represents the first project that combines the choreographic practice of Fabio Liberti and Emanuele Rosa, both authors and performers of the piece. The collaboration has born as an intense exchange of ideas and instinctive artistic connection and the project has been defined during three residency periods - two in Denmark, at Performing Arts Platform and at Bora Bora - Dance & Visual Theater in Aarhus, and one in at Teatro del Lemming in Italy.

A Bora Bora co-production.

Please note: The last of the 5 performances (on November 26th) starts at 17:00.