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I. You. Them. Us. Her. Him. They. She. We.
Wanting, watching, laughing, leaving, hiding, smelling, smiling, knowing, growling.
Beat is now. Beat is transforming. Beat is alive.
The beat goes on.

BEAT started from questioning what it means to be part of a generation that was brought up with the promise of endless possibilities. It developed into an ongoing research on how we identify ourselves, how we recognise (or not) ourselves in others and how we are able to project multiple images of ourselves. We now imagine "BEAT" as a celebration of the fatigue, pain and uncertainty of deciding day by day - moment by moment - who we are. One person.

Igor & Moreno is a London based contemporary dance company, directed by Igor Urzelai (1983, San Sebastian) and Moreno Solinas (1987, Sardinia). Since forming in 2012, the works have toured extensively across the globe, and have been met by public and critical acclaim. The company has been nominated for awards such as the Total Theatre Award for Dance and the National Dance Awards, as well as being promoted in numerous international dance platforms including Aerowaves, National Italian Dance Platform and the British Council Showcase.