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Four inventive office workers are tired of their dull 9 to 5 jobs, so they invent BLAM! - a game that pushes their office through the shredder. Like a bullet from a gun the best and worst clichés from action movies are fired off - it's all about attitude and men who take movies extremely serious! In a wild and explosive show, the gray workplace transforms into a universe of aliens, superheroes and Hollywood villains. You'll be "blammed" with neckbreaking stunts, breathless ventures, pulsating parkour and pencil pushers full of attitude. You will never look at your workplace the same way again.

"BLAM!" is an imaginative, action-packed and highly entertaining experience that takes physical theater to new, innovative heights. The show has drawn full houses with standing ovations from wildly enthusiastic audiences around the world since the 2012 premiere. "BLAM!" has played sold out at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe for two seasons and been shown around Europe, New Zealand, China, Taiwan and South America.

"All people need to just let go completely!", says Kristján Ingimarsson. "You need that space where you can show off and use everything you have and then some more. And all of a sudden just be Antonio Banderas, Bruce Willis, Clint Eastwood or another of your movie heroes."

Reumert winner of the jury's special award.

"BLAM!" was shown at Bora Bora in 2013 and now the succesful show is back!
Read the interview we did back then with Kristján Ingimarsson about the show here.


"Just saw BLAM! One of the greatest, most exciting and brilliant shows I have ever seen."
- Ricky Gervais

"An eye-popping orgy of athletic physical impossibility."
- The Independent (UK)

”... the wildest thing I've seen in a long time. A party bomb of a performance that slowly detonates in an orgy of madness."
Monna Dithmer (Politiken)

"BLAM!is one of the most insane and seductive male-theater-stunts in women's memory. It is performance with 'high risk', it is new circus with revue, it is mime with living room theater, it is dance with parkour - and then it is action movie scenes transformed into juvenile blokeish theater. (...) BLAM! is a bazooka balm for the soul."
- Anne Middelboe Christensen (Information) (read the whole review in Danish)

"Funny, wildly dangerous and irresistible."
- The Financial Times

"Gobsmackingly brilliant, this is the best office party I have ever attended."
- Daily Express

"Thrilling… mesmerising… astounding."
- The Scotsman

"Remarkable physical performances… set to be one of the tickets at this year's Fringe."
- Edinburgh Spotlight

"75 minutes of gob-smacking high-voltage physical theatre mastery."
- Edinburgh Evening News

"An adrenaline rush that blasts the nine-to-five blues into outer space. Go and see it - you'll have a BLAM!"
- Metro

"…a banging soundtrack, a pastiche of some of Hollywood's most iconic action scenes and what has to be among the most spectacular sets in the history of the Fringe, and you have a show you will want to go back to again and again."
- British Theatre Guide

"Glorious movie-based mayhem."
- The List

"It's WOOSH! It's HA! It's WOW!"

"It is formidable and entertaining and wildly impressive the kind of artistry the four boys present."
- Gregers Dirckinck-Holmfeld,

"BLAM! has what it takes to rank a show in the absolute top-class. BLAM! confirms how everyone once in a while can feel the need to break down the boundaries of their everyday rut, let their imagination run wild and be the invincible hero."
- KultuNaut

"We were both cracking up and laughing uncontrollably most of the time. (...) And the whole Rambo / Wolverine / Hulk / Marvel universe is physical theater at a completely OUTSTANDING level!"

"Juvenile blokes of all ages should buy tickets for this show. And the same should everyone else, because Blam! is this season's funniest and best physical theater / performance show so far. (...) The 4 performers do one wild stunt after the other at a breakneck speed. The grotesque pace of both the action movie universe and the inanity of the office turns into a life-affirming visual poem about the desire to let loose and just follow your body. Get going - it's mindblowingly good entertainment for juvenile blokes of all genders and ages."

"BLAM! Is packed with action, and I was almost thinking,"Wow, that is who today's superheroes really are", when the talented parkour performers present their show-offy stunts. Both with each other, solo as well as with the lamps in the ceiling. How did he get up there? Did he fly? Are you into superheroes, westerns, action and parkour, I definitely think this show will shake your whole picture of what a theatrical performance can be. BLAM! must be experienced, not retold, and it can easily be experienced several times."
- Ungt Teaterblod

"It's neckbreaking, and countless times you want to run to the stage to see if these stunt masters are okay after their tireless efforts to challenge the laws of physics and the body's normal limitations. The standing ovation which the four performers got at the end demonstrated clearly that they more than succeeded with this challenge."

"I have never before seen a performance like BLAM!. The wordless show puts a superior end to spoken theatre. Respect to Kristján Ingimarsson for creating a performance that does something more that what theatre usually does."


"After having laughed non-stop for over an hour, my recommendation must be that you go and see it!"

"Raucous piece of slapstick physical theatre."
- The Times

- Time Out London

"Spectacular … a dazzling succession of exhilarating action sequences."
- The Telegraph

"Sweat-soaked and adrenaline-pumped … immaculate … Wham, bam, thank you BLAM!"
- Fest Magazine

"Sheer inventiveness, both physical and conceptual."
- Informed Edinburgh

"Superb physical theatre performances, an awesome soundtrack, ingenious set design and the creative genius of Icelandic writer/director Kristjan Ingimarsson - you've got one hell of a show."
- New Zealand Herald

"A crowd pleaser… physical skills are superb."
- The Guardian

"Extraordinary… an hour of choreographed chaos."
- The Observer

"Post-it notes and staplers will never seem the same again; and as for cardboard magazine files, well who knew that they could be killing machines! (...) Without giving too much away, Blam! builds to an almighty crescendo over the final minutes, accompanied by the blast of heavy metal, which inevitably gets the audience up onto their feet to finish with a standing ovation. It was well-deserved both for creative invention and the remarkable strength and timing of this outstanding quartet of players."

"BLAM! is the most audacious celebration of our make-believe fantasies."
- The Stage ‘Must See’

"Jaw-dropping physical feats with flawlessly timed movements."
- Official London Theatre

"BLAM! is a hugely entertaining celebration of the power of imagination - and a reminder that you're never too old to play."
- Metro Magazine Auckland

"It is part of the charm of the show is that no matter how insane and neckbreaking the things the four of them manage to come up with, it is the playfulness and the imagination that make us gasp for air and laugh out loud. (...) After 75 minutes of non-verbal show-off BLAM! we sit in our seats in the audience with the world's biggest smiles on our faces. And the question remains, how the heck do the four do this, night after night, with such great energy and charisma?"
- En tur i kulturland


Kristján Ingimarsson Company is an award-winning physical theater that has toured around the world. Artistic director is performer and director Kristján Ingimarsson, who with an all-encompassing attitude creates physical devil-may-care performances. The company was founded in 1998 and is based in Vordingborg.