”...the most intense thing I’ve seen in a long time. An incendiary performance that slowly detonates in an orgy of madness.” - Monna Dithmer, Politiken

”BLAM! is one the craziest and most seductive pieces of male theatre stunt-performance in the memory of woman.” - Anne Middelboe Christensen, Information

2012 recipient of the Reumert Jury’s Special Award.

The Office meets Die Hard in the performance BLAM! It’s the best and the worst action movie clichés hitting you like gunshots. It’s all about attitude and men taking movies extremely seriously! The Icelandic body virtuoso Kristján Ingimarsson takes a leap from scary new heights in the company of actor Joen Højerslev, contemporary circus artist Lars Gregersen and parkour acrobat Didier Oberlé. Reviewers raved and several restagings of the performance packed full houses in Copenhagen theatres.

ALL PEOPLE HAVE A NEED TO LET GO COMPLETELY!” says Kristján Ingimarsson. “You need that free space where you can brag and boast and use everything you’ve got and more. And suddenly just BE Antonio Banderas, Bruce Willis, Clint Eastwood or any one of your movie heroes”.

Interview with Kristján Ingimarsson (in Danish).


Guest performance by Neander / Kristján Ingimarsson

BLAM! takes place in a boring, meaningless office where a strict boss makes sure that no one is having a good time. But three people have invented a game: BLAM! It’s about pretending to inhabit a movie reality and use one’s self, each other and anything at hand to pull it off. BLAM creates excitement and release and the joint nature of the game creates a sense of “us versus them”. Gradually though, the game becomes increasingly serious.


Since 1998 Neander and Kristján Ingimarsson have received much recognition both in Denmark and internationally for their special stage universe.

Ingimarsson challenges the laws of physics, the instruments of comedy and the abilities of narration with a boundless curiosity. In his coming performance he pushes the boundaries of gravity and the human body as far as they can go. It will be an action-brimming and poetic performance about how fiction can intervene with reality and, for better or for worse, create a whole new world.



Blamming is a way to feel and express oneself. It is the feeling one gets when exiting a cinema after a great action movie. Partly inside the movie and partly in reality, a Blammer embraces this state and acts like his movie heroes would when they walk, shoot, talk, drink whisky, fight etc. Blamming can also be re-enacting scenes from the movies one has seen.