BLISS POINT - a performance about the struggle to control our instincts.

Looking for the ultimate happiness? Do you crave the physical and mental rush? Do you always eat the whole bag of chips, all the M&M's and the extra hamburger from McD? Do you sit glued to your screen, is your smartphone burning hot and are you constantly checking Facebook?

Don't worry, you are not alone!

Desire, hunger, love, recognition - the stuff you want! It is your primal instincts, and a battle is fought for them every second. The ones selling fast food, sex, cars, security, clothes, furniture and lifestyle, will hit the point where you want more and more of what they sell. They are chasing your BLISS POINT.

Come to an ARTivistic performance and cultivate your personal BLISS POINT with us!

BLISS POINT produced by Kassandra Production in co-production with Bora Bora.

Supported by the Danish Arts Foundation Project Funding Committee for the Performing Arts, the City of Aarhus Cultural Development, Bikubenfonden, etc.

Please note: No performances May 29th to 31st.


About Kassandra Production

Kassandra Production is an artist-run platform for innovative performing arts in the field between dance, theater, new media and performance. Founded in 1998 by choreographer / director, actor and performance artist Annika B. Lewis - who also serves as artistic director.

Kassandra Production is characterized by provocative artistic work with a penchant for a complex theatrical idiom. Kassandra Production creates stories in a weird way and often with several fictional layers, which include multimedia expressions. Non-traditional and site-specific performance space are explored and Kassandra Production has produced and shown performances in such unusual places as caravans, private apartments, fairs, disused factory halls and the internet - as well as traditional theater stages.

Has toured, collaborated and shown performances in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Portugal, Germany, Russia, Latvia, Belgium, Finland and the United States.