IMPORTANT! "Choreography On The Face" consists of two parts:
A personal performance for one person only (9 tickets for sale) and a performance lecture.
Tickets for the "1 on 1" performance is purchased through the link on this link (and are also valid for the performance lecture).
Tickets for the performance lecture only must be purchased on this page.
It is not necessary to have seen the "1 on 1" performance to experience the performance lecture and vice versa.


Choreography on the face is Soc-Re (social reality)
Choreography on the face is blushing

Choreography on the face fails to convey the subject


1 ON 1:

"Choreography On The Face" is a one-on-one performance - a micro format on the face of the audience - investigating the face recognition paradigm of our digital age.

In a time where the face is constantly recognized in digital technologies, Choreography on the Face gets very close and treats the face as a mirror. and as a landscape, as an abyss, as a catalyst, as a vanishing point, as a map, as an intimacy, as a virtuality, as the other, as a hiding place…

Choreo-graphy means to write a place, the performance writes a place to hide and think in. On the interface - the space between the face of the performer and the face of the audience.

"Choreography On The Face" is inspired by the technology of face recognition which converts image to data: There is a play with word/silence and image/not image: The audience is instructed by the performer to open and close her/his eyes - the gaze is choreographed: There is a voice-over in the room who has the power to “color” the atmosphere and the mind of the audience with words; playing with metaphors, with the view of the self: Does she talk to me? Does she talk about me? Does she recognize me?

"Choreography On The Face" is playing with new senses of scale in the digital era. Am I everything - am I nothing? Is it you or me? Are we close? The face of the performer is resting right above the face of the audience or lying close beside them on the floor. There is a constant eye contact when the eyes of the audiences are open.

"Choreography On The Face" is a very intense and very intimate performance, but due to a careful dramaturgical building of the relation with the audience, it manages to place the audience in a relaxed position where they can be both subject and object, both observer and observed.

Age group: From 15 years and up.
Language: English



On Wednesday the 15th at 19.30 - after the one-on-one performances, Sara Hamming will do a performative reading of an essay which reflects the research and making of Choregraphy on the Face. The reading will be interspersed with micro choreographic moments from the performance carried out by the audience group.


May 14th, 2019:
1 on 1:
13:30, 15:00, 16:30, 18:00, 19:30
May 15th, 2019:
1 on 1:
13:30, 15:00, 16:30, 18:00
Performance lecture:


Moribund is platform for the works of Sara Hamming, solo and in collaboration with other artists. Moribund means dying; that which is shaped by the body and created by time.
The transformed and the transforming; that which is on the way from the one to the other and thereby is both at the same time.
Moribund develops concepts which performatively explore the social. The works of Moribund is audience engaging in various ways: The stage is set on the body of the audience or in the middle of the mass and the audience is invited to reflect on their own role in the work.
Moribund has received continuous funding from The Danish Arts Foundation in the later years.
The performance is the latest stage in Sara Hamming ́s research in the one-on-one format, carried out since 2009.