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Tuesday 14th april, 17.00
Thursday 16th april, 12.00 and 20.00
Friday 17th april, 10.00
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For ticket sales for schools for the daytime performances contact info(a) / phone 61 71 90 17. With bigger ticket reservations the playing times can be adjusted. Also contact Hvid Støj in this regard.

Critically acclaimed repremiere!

I was born on the hottest day of the year ... There was nothing wrong with me. Not something you would see, at least ... But I just so ugly and fat and sound so stupid when I open my mouth...

Nanna cuts. Without quite knowing why. Because life comes knocking and wants to be, but how you live your life when you feel like Nanna?
CUT takes on the subject self- harm - a sadly topical issue: Every sixth teenage girl tries to harm herself. A thematic line drawn from the sensitive princess in Hans Christian Andersens "The Princess and the Pea", to the young cutters - where it is not the small pea, but life itself that hurts.
A fusion of performance, dance, music, lights and text provide the CUT audience a glimpse into the everyday life of a young self-harmer.

The show is aimed at young people aged 13 years and up.

The show is supported by the Danish Arts Council, the Municipality of Aarhus, the Bikuben Foundation, BUPL's Solidarity and Cultural Fund, the Østifterne Association, the Tuborg Foundation and National Association against eating disorders and self-harm.

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"There is a claustrophobic withheld feeling in the performance, like the text also cut up into small, hesitant chunks. An ultra-precise registration of a life as cutter."
- Monna Dithmer, Politiken (five of six stars)

"A strong psychological performance with lots of empathy and inner drama. [...] With great choreography and rigorous dramaturgy Hvid Støj manages to establish a young girl's life. The piece is not out to explain, moralize or cure. Instead the performance takes on some universal problems that many young girls (and boys) will recognize. Thus, there is plenty of substance to address for the teachers who dare engage in the subject."
- Christian Sigersted Larsen,

"An example of how simple and meaningful a gloomy topic can be conveyed, so it appears beautiful and fragile. (...) Most girls would recognize glimpse of themselves in Nanna's self-destructive thoughts."
- Astrid Myrup, essay in Politiken

"A beautiful, but also harsh performance about feeling wrong and different from the others. (...) It is a challenge to have a solo performance be both immersive and believable, but it succeeds greatly in CUT. Although the performance is slow and very repetitive, it sticks with you more than you expect. This is not teenage theater for the faint hearted. Or maybe it is exactly that..."
- Information

"Cutting is a topical and harsh affair, which Hvid Støj wisely have chosen to present by mixing performance, dance, music, lights and text, rather than leaving a text be the main focus. (...) The artful way of the piece creates powerful images and also provide a distance. A distance that undoubtedly makes it easier for the primary audience of young teenage girls to dare look into a subject associated with so much vulnerability, shyness and shame."
- Teateravisen

"In a well-chosen mix of performance, dance, music, lights and text CUT conveys how hard it is to be a young girl who cuts herself, and how difficult it is to be a relative to her."
- Århus Stiftstidende


About Hvid Støj

Hvid Støj (White Noise) Stage Production plays theater which adresses the precarious, embarrassing and topical for youth audiences in a meaningful and engaged way. Hvid Støj do not go for the easy solutions and with ambitious and committed young acting talents on stage they challenged the stage space and the audience in a refreshing way.
Hvid Støj Stage Production was founded in 2008 and is led by director Charlotte Ladefoged and producer and dramaturg Ditte Felding.