The performance is presented at Bora Bora as part of a double bill together with the performance "Forecasting". The ticket is valid for both performances.

"Dance, for Satan" (Dance, dammit) is a humorous reflection on the issues of sex and sexuality, and being trapped in one's own starting point.

An expressive solo performance, which in an abstract way discusses problems in what can be called "the post-equated society", where it is largely said that women and men can do the same, whatever you want.

"Dance, for Satan" is a question asked with an exclamation mark. It is a mix of the choreographer's own words and the thoughts of others. It is chaos and an attempt to gain control.

"What is really the difference between Tinder and Pokémon Go?"
- Hilde I. Sandvold

The piece was created in April 2017 at Dansens Hus in Oslo.

The performance was selected by the European network of dance theatres, Aerowaves, as one of the 20 best new talents to be presented around Europe in 2018.



Hilde I. Sandvold on the making of "Dans, for Satan"

Before making the actual piece, I was spending time reflecting upon, and writing text, discussing the expectations I meet, as a woman in Scandinavia today. I have experienced having the freedom to do whatever I want, that my action is liberated. At the same time, I experience that this freedom, in some circumstances, gets overshadowed by the feeling of my body being a commodity, whose value is defined by men, or by my interaction with men.This duality, sparked my curiosity and imagination.

Together with the freedom to outlive your sexuality, comes the need to know yourself, reflect upon own actions, and create personal boundaries. In "Dans, For Satan" you get to know a woman who is about to loose herself in a search for acceptance and affection. By giving herself to others, she expects to get something back, but experiences judgement, and to have given more then she got in return.

The fight for equality, might not have gotten as far as we enjoy telling ourselves, and the ability to handle the freedom cannot be taught by our mothers. The result can be chaotic.

In "Dans, for Satan" the innocence is mixed with the beast, the clown, and the gloomy hindsight. The absurdity, the humor and the sadness in the constant prostitution of ourselves and our values, in search for a place in the community, is central in «Dans, for Satan». The performer is constantly shifting between being in power, being empowered, and being as if controlled by others. The audience is by their presence, intimidating and being intimidated.

With the solo I wish to promote taking a moment, to step back, and look at the state of things. I wish to communicate how allowing this to happen, gives us power to, with more clarity, choose where to go next.