DEATH – everyone dies but you.

In the double bill DEATH, Fanclub has invited the two internationally acclaimed choreographers Kim Hiorthøy and Itamar Serussi Sahar to investigate the ungraspable. Death appears as an endless source of inspiration, questions and sensations.

By bringing together the two choreographers’ widely different approaches to dance, Fanclub wish to investigate and enrich perceptions within contemporary choreography today. From a common source that concerns us all, the audience will be presented to two distinct expressions within the art form.

Fanclub is a Copenhagen-based dancers’ collective, with an ambition to challenge traditional working formats and to create art that makes an impact and takes a stand. The essence and strength of Fanclub’s work is to be found in the artistic challenges and unique synergy that arise within the collaborations.

Special offer: workshop

In connection with Bora Bora's event STOP!DANS! Fanclub has a special offer - a workshop entitled "A dancer's point of view” Wednesday April 30th at 16-18.
A combination ticket including a ticket for DEATH on either May 21st or 22nd + workshop only 50 kroner.

Fanclub desribes the workshop:

"In this workshop we invite you to experience on your own body how a dance piece is created and developed. The Fanclub team will share our experiences from the two artistic processes from DEATH, and together we will try out simple movement improvisations and text and vocal exercises. The workshop is concluded with a conversation giving space to reflections and questions. Anyone can join. Dance experience is not required. Welcome!"

Limited number of participants. Reserve your ticket by writing to hannah(at)