Detour is an urban dance festival with b-boying, house and hip hop poetry - dedicated to promoting and enhancing the quality of urban dance and its great choreographic potential in Denmark.

The last three years the festival has been a great success in Copenhagen, where it has challenged both the audience and the Danish dance environment in their perception of urban dance and choreography. Now the festival comes to Aarhus for the first time.

Detour festival is a celebration of the whole urban dance environment and is dedicated to further accelerate the meeting of urban dance and new audiences - across cultures.

The festival is for all ages, so come and join in when the year's most extensive urban dance festival kicks off! Get carried away by the good mood when some of the best dancers on the urban dance take the stage. There is room for both clapping and cheering, be captivated and get up from the seats when the dancers interpret the classic hip hop in new ways that reach far beyond the stage.

The festival includes short features from a mixture of the most renowned national and international choreographers on the urban dance scene.

Featured artists on the programme:
Tentical Tribe (CAN)
Rico Coker (DK)
Sara Jordan (DK)
Anna Eileen & Marie Paldrup (DK)