Poetic, raw and existential this play explores the sometimes unresolvable conflict between happiness and hate; luck and misfortune; trust and betrayal. Featuring actors Stuart Lynch, Astrid Lund & Butoh dancer, ‘The Death of K’, the work is a charismatic blend of songs, monologues, dialogues and the animalistic dance of Butoh. Why can happiness sometimes transform into hate or self-loathing? How can luck be found in the deepest misfortune and can trust be redeemed after a betrayal?

The performance is in English.
Read an interview with Stuart Lynch (in Danish).



"Simple, raw and intense, Dialogues is an exceptionally moving show."
- Dock 11

“In this time where technology, gadgets and media seem to be the norm, Dialogues provides a breath of fresh air. Go see.”
- Berlino Magazine