"EN SOM HED" is a one-man circus about lonely people that consists of five physical monologues with different angles on the anatomy of loneliness. A solo performance created by choreographer Helle Bach in close collaboration with performer and Reumer Award-recipient Bo Madvig (best dancer 2017). Sensitively and with humor the performance dissects loneliness and lonely people.

"EN SOM HED" begins in the turmoil - which is our instinctive response to being inhibited in our immediate urge to contact - in order to live well!

Så velkommen til det kaos af reaktioner den enkelte oplever stillet ansigt til ansigt med ensomheden.

So, welcome to the chaos of reactions which the individual experiences when standing face to face with loneliness.

"EN SOM HED" seizes the taboo and the human behind the cold and impersonal numbers, facts and statistics on loneliness. Here there is the focus on all that life that is lived in hiding, in the absence of being seen, in the absence of belonging, in the absence of social cohesion - life played out in the dangerous and poisonous cocktail, which is the anatomy of loneliness.

Please note: Spoken parts will be in Danish.


About dadadans

dadadans is founded by Helle Bach. Thematically, she is engaged and sensitive to today's society changing structures and our human social interaction herein. She wants to make us laugh and cry - by mirroring the banal realities of life as well as its poetic beauty. The choreographic language is direct and dynamic inspired by movement all the way from abstract contemporary dance over regular walking to the French cabaret tradition. Dadaism and its way to create "meaning" through the use of the collage, the absurd and immediately useless is frequently reflected in the work.