Executed stories is a story-telling performance about execution in the history of humanity, the angle shifting between that of executed person’s and executioner’s. For the executed, execution is an irreversible act, while the executioner might be a proud and skillful officer of the state. It tells life stories of a few people, from different times, who either ended their lives executed or worked as executioner.

The tone of the performance is neutral and factual, but not without humour – hey, let´s play hangman! Let’s demonstrate the Top Ten execution methods together! And there is a lottery: what would you like to eat as your last meal (hopefully the show makes one’s appetite grow!). Juha Valkeapää wants to challenge the audience to participate – to shake out, what one really thinks about the issue, if one’s opinion is so self-evident after all. He knows that death penalty is not the hottest theme in the West, but as long as there are states exercising it, one must speak about it.

Executed Stories is made of words, simple acts, songs, a wall rug, drawing, some images, puppets, and the last meal.

Produced by Juha Valkeapää’s Voice.

Co-produced by Baltic Circle.

Executed Stories is co-produced by international network SAMARA, with the support from the Long-Term Network Mobility programme by the Nordic Council of Ministers.

The performance is shown as a collaboration with GalleriV58.


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